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We use an integrated import software (Descartes/IES) solution to help speed your imports through the US Customs (CBP) clearance process. We remain up to date with new and on-going Customs' regulations and procedures as well as all other Import processes to better serve our clients.
In addition to the traditional goods that we provide Customs clearances on today, we also handle time sensitive goods such as aircraft parts, high value artwork, and perishable products to name a few. We can clear your freight whether it is arriving in one of the South Florida ports/airports or in any other U.S. city. We can also pre-clear your freight prior to its physical arrival. We can do so and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
We have a strong agent network and we partner with them throughout the world to obtain very competitive import freight rates for the deconsolidation and handling of Import freight. We do so whether or not this freight is destined to our own Container Freight Station (CFS) or elsewhere.
With the addition of our Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), we are also able to provide five separate Import related warehouse services (Domestic, FTZ, Bonded & CFS) to coincide with the physical Customs clearance of your goods as needed.

Key points/Services:
  • In-house Licensed Custom Brokers
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • CTPAT Validated Facility
  • ACE Entry Transmission
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • Bonded Warehouse (Class 3 & Class 8)
  • Container Freight Station (CFS)
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Commodity classification assistance (HTS)
  • Paperless Inbond Transmission
  • In-transit specialists
  • Wearing apparel specialists
  • FDA specialists
  • Courier Services
  • Import Security Filing (ISF)
  • Aircraft On Ground (AOG) Services
  • Ship Spares
  • Please click here to request any services not listed
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